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Unlike bouquets, an arrangement of flowers is placed in floral foam that has been previously soaked with water. Our skilled florists showing you how you can further enhance your bouquet after buying it from a local Romford florist by sharing some tips and best practices so you’ll be able to enjoy your bouquet for them longer.

Arrangement or Bouquet?

In both cases, your florist is using cut flowers that require individual care. However as opposed to bouquet, a flower arrangement is finished in a specific support, the floral foam. This foam will be placed in a vase, in a pot, in a container, glass or used alone and covered with leaves for instance. Unlike for a bouquet, an arrangement isn’t put directly in water. However your Romford flowers will still need some water! Floral foam, the most effective ally of your flowers basically the floral foam is the same thing as what’s inside a stem of a flower, a sponge-like texture that takes up the water and absorbs it. This light-weight and porous material is additionally ph balanced therefore the acidity of the surroundings to the flowers remains at an optimum level.

Floral Foam

Floral foam was invented in 1954 by the Smithers-Oasis company and this has been a kind of revolution for the florists helping them to make original shapes like round centre pieces, funeral crosses, flowers in baskets. Floral foam additionally extends the lifetime of the arrangements by giving them a reliable and steady moisture supply because it will hold large quantities of water.


Your florist prepared the foam carefully so your flowers will get all the nutriments and water required. For that he/she used a large container or a sink filled up with water and specific flower food for floral foam. This will boost the longevity of the floral arrangements up to half-hour longer than water solely because of a high absorption of water, no dripping, making it straightforward to cut and holding the stems well in place. The only thing you need to do is to bring some water daily or every couple of days in line with the size of the arrangement, the season, the conditions. No need to add any flower food within the water because the amount used originally by the florist is sufficient.

Eager to produce your own arrangement with floral foam, here are some tricks:


Fill up a large bowl or sink with water, place the floral foam on top of it and that’s all! Let it submerge by itself and wait that the water comes into the brick. Most impatient people push it underwater that is a very bad idea: this can produce an pocket within the foam and once you later build your arrangement you’ll place the stem right into that pocket. There’ll never be any water that gets absorbed into the stems.


When your foam is prepared, it’ll darken in colour. Remove it carefully from water and place it directly inside your container making sure it’s big enough for it. When using a basket in wood or a non-waterproof container, place some plastic in it before to stop drips.

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