Why You Need Fleet Insurance Policy

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know the first thing about fleet insurance. Don’t worry because you really don’t need to ever worry about it, not unless you own a fleet of cars.


A fleet insurance policy is something that taxi companies and trucking companies have to cover the vehicles in their fleet. You might be wondering why you need that type of insurance.


Fleet Insurance Is Cheaper

Like we said before, you will only ever need a fleet insurance policy if you have a fleet of vehicles. It’s basically the wholesale version of car insurance. As such, it’s cheaper than an individual policy (it’s always cheaper when you buy whole sale). Also, it’s easier to manage since the expiry date for the insurance of all your cars and vehicles is the same. You only need to deal with one insurance company and one insurance agent and all of the vehicles would be covered.


Compare Fleet Insurance Quotes

fleet insurance policy
There are many companies out there that offer vehicle fleet insurance. And it’s important to note that not all of them are created alike, and there are those that are really better than others.
That said, always look at the policies of at least three insurance companies before deciding on which one to buy. Compare the terms and conditions as well as the insurance premiums. Do this even if you’re only buying limited third-party liability coverage, not comprehensive insurance. You might be surprised at how flexible some insurance companies are.


The best way to find the best insurance policy for your fleet is by going to a website that offers insurance quotes (these are websites maintained by insurance brokers). You will know almost instantly how much you will need to pay (the information is actually public at the state insurance board) to cover your fleet of vehicles and cars.

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