Dizziness and Vertigo – Understanding The Difference and Treatments for Both

Dizziness is a common problem that you will likely experience at some point in your life and maybe you will need to seek natural treatment for dizziness. Sometimes you might feel dizzy after an intense exercise session, and at other times, dizziness can arise if you skip a meal or your blood sugar is low. Vertigo is something different. It is a much more intense feeling that involves dizziness, loss of balance and feeling as if you are falling off a ledge. Vertigo can inhibit your ability to drive a car or even perform daily work functions, and it is a condition to take seriously.


When dizziness occurs, sometimes treating it is as easy as lying down to take a rest. When you put your body in a horizontal position, it causes blood to rush to the head faster, and this often reduces or eliminates feelings of dizziness. In most cases, you will only need to lay down for a few minutes to experience relief.

If dizziness continues or you experience other symptoms that lead you to believe vertigo is the culprit, seeing a doctor is often your best course of action. While you can reduce the severity of vertigo with at home treatments including staying hydrated and laying down, sometimes only prescription medications will cure the problem entirely. This is especially true when vertigo is caused by an injury to the inner ear or an ear infection. Without proper medical treatment and a body of tests to fully diagnose the problem, you may never find the true relief that you are looking for.

Things to Remember:

Regardless of whether you are experiencing dizziness or vertigo, it is a good idea to keep your blood sugar in check. Try eating some fruit or a small piece of dark chocolate the next time you think a dizziness attack might be coming on. This will help to raise your blood sugar and may reduce the severity of your episode.

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