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Gas Fire Installation Is Simple and Leads to Clean Environments


Gas fireplaces are much cleaner, environmentally friendly and can give a room the warmth that it needs. You can always use the space that is presently being occupied by a conventional fireplace or any inbuilt space heater. This will reduce the need to do any additional construction, and if there is an existing chimney it will solve the problem of vents.

You can also get gas log fires that are freestanding and separate from walls, though it is always better to do the gas fire installation next to walls. If you do not have a chimney there is no need to build one, as the fireplace can be vented through the nearest walls and the necessary draft created. Decide on the model of the fireplace that has caught your fancy and make a mock-up of its shape and position it in your room to understand how it will look and function. You will learn about the space you have and the right furniture placement after it is installed.

It can also make sense to find out whether you require any permissions to install the fireplace. Some properties or owners associations may insist on this, as can local building councils. You will then have to plan the gas supply line that will connect your fireplace to supply, whether it be the mains or a storage cylinder. Make sure that this plumbing is done by people who are experienced and certified to carry out such work, as this has to be done in such a way that the gas fire installation is safe during its operation.

Decide on the routing for the vent pipe after you have decided on the location of the gas fire. This vent pipe must be kept far away from insulation and other combustible material. You may need to decide on the platform that you want to place the fireplace on before you do this. This can be of timber or stone and can even be something that decorates your fireplace. This platform can raise the location of your vent. As the vent has to go through the outside wall, you need to inspect the outside of your home and see that particular place is clear and allows for easy installation of any extensions to the vent that may be needed.

gas fire installation

A direct vent fireplace is a device that draws air from outside the home for feeding the flame. You do not lose any heated air up chimneys and this can lead to increased efficiency of the fireplace. This model also prevents any build-up of carbon monoxide. Once the fireplace is in position and linked to the vent and gas line you can test it out, or have it tested by the installers.

You can then undertake any exercise to cover up the sides of the fireplace so that the pipes and vent arrangements are not easily visible. Your gas fireplace installation is now complete so that you can enjoy its warmth during the cold days ahead.

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